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About Us

ParcelPay is an on-demand mobile and web platform transforming the way parcels are transported by facilitating efficient and cost effective delivery.

ParcelPay operates as an on-demand shipping service, allowing customers to order couriers to deliver their parcels in a fast and efficient manner without having to leave their home or office. If you've got a package that's ready to be delivered, all you need to do is log on to ParcelPay, select a destination and let us do the rest.

Save More and Do More with ParcelPay

We partner with a range of logistics and courier companies to offer you the best price possible for your delivery needs. In today's collaborative economy, our technology allows us to share the cost savings from our partners directly to you, our customers. What's more, ParcelPay offers the most convenient on-demand despatch and delivery service around. From the touch of your cellphone, laptop or desktop, you can request for door to door delivery 24/7/365 for quick and reliable transportation of your packages, avoiding lines at the post office in the process. You can even send parcels abroad, making export a breeze.

Why Use ParcelPay?

We simplify delivery for consumers and businesses alike. We will pick up and deliver at any time at your home, office or anywhere in between.

Hassle-Free, Efficient and Effective
It's for Everyone - Individuals / Businesses
Wide Choice of Courier Services
Opportunity to Cross Sell in
Next Business Day Delivery
  Using ParcelPay for your Business  

ParcelPay Enterprise

ParcelPay Enterprise allows you to organise your bulk delivery needs, saving you valuable time and allowing you to serve your customers better. Opening an account with us is FREE. No need for hefty deposit charges that is the norm with logistics and courier companies. If you operate an e-commerce store, simply integrate ParcelPay into your website for seamless fulfillment and maximum customer satisfaction.

ParcelPay Enterprise  

ParcelPay Express

The ideal solution for individuals. Simply download the MPay Wallet, launch ParcelPay express and start sending parcels. It's like having your own despatch or delivery service in your smartphone. On Demand, Anytime. From anywhere. To anywhere. No more trips to the Post Office or your friendly logistics company. Your delivery needs, at your fingertips.

ParcelPay Express